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Paint Correction

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of restoring a vehicle's exterior surface by removing imperfections like swirl marks and scratches, resulting in a smoother, more vibrant finish. It enhances the appearance and protects the paint, maintaining the vehicle's value and appeal.

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Paint Correction Stages

Speak with a lead technician to determine which level of paint correction is needed based on the condition of your vehicle, vessel, or aircraft.

You can see more below on the pricing we offer for the stage of paint correction that you may need. Price will vary depending on vehicle size, and a final inspection may be needed to determine the final price.

1 Stage Paint Correction

Cars: $349 |
SUV/Truck: $399 |
XL: $449

2 Stage Paint Correction

Cars: $699 |
SUV/Truck: $749 |
XL: $799

3 Stage Paint Correction

Cars: $1049 |
SUV/Truck: $1099 |
XL: $1149

See Common Paint Defects

1 Stage Paint Correction

1-Stage Paint Correction

This process involves a single step of polishing and buffing, which significantly enhances the appearance by restoring gloss and color depth. It's a relatively quicker and less intensive option for refreshing a car's exterior finish, making it a popular choice for routine maintenance.

2 Stage Paint Correction

2-Stage Paint Correction

The second stage involves finer polishing to refine the finish and maximize gloss. This method effectively rejuvenates the paint, providing a deep shine and enhanced clarity while addressing a broader range of issues, making it ideal for more heavily damaged surfaces.

3 Stage Paint Correction

3-Stage Paint Correction

The final stage involves a fine polishing step to achieve a flawless, show-quality result. 3-stage paint correction delivers the highest level of paint restoration, ensuring a stunning, mirror-like finish with exceptional depth and clarity. It's typically chosen for restoring vintage or high-end vehicles to their pristine condition.

Common Paint Defects

Below are some common paint defects you may notice as a sign of needing paint correction:




A natural chemical reaction that occurs when the paint's protective layers break down over time due to exposure to the elements. It results in a faded, dull, and chalky appearance on the paint surface, diminishing the vehicle's overall luster and shine.

Swirl Mark Marring:

swirl marks

Swirl marks are fine, circular scratches on the paint surface caused by improper washing or buffing techniques. They create a hazy appearance in the paint's reflection that becomes more noticeable over time.



Visible swirls or lines in the paint finish caused by improper machine polishing. Swirl marks can create an uneven and unattractive appearance on the vehicle's surface that's easily noticeable, but can be easily fixed by MCC in Marietta!

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Guarantees: Marietta Ceramic Company guarantees your satisfaction on the final result of detailing your vehicle. If for any reason you do not feel satisfied, our professionals will do what is deemed necessary and reasonable to be sure you are 100% satisfied before signing off the completed vehicle.

Paint Sealant Guarantee: We offer a 6 month guarantee on our paint sealant against the natural effects of the weather and if the vehicle's exterior is maintained properly. Marietta Ceramic Company recommends a re-application of the paint sealant every four to six months in order to maintain maximum protection. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for improper care and maintenance of the exterior paint or paint protection sealants. The products we use are tested and manufactured to perform under normal conditions, provided the vehicle is properly maintained. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for abnormal wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, and poor driving conditions, over spray, industrial fallout, improper cleaning maintenance, other commercial car washing facilities or other detailers causing the paint sealant to fail.

Paint Technology: Paint technology can vary from different vehicle manufacturers. Paint technology can vary from different types and qualities of paint chosen to do any type of body repair work. Paint technology can vary from different types of body shop repair facilities. Most paint technology used on vehicles today has a "clear coat" finish sprayed over the actual pigmented color. Clear coat finishes today scratch very easily under normal washing conditions and scratches are inevitable in clear coat finishes. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for oxidation, cracked and dried out paint, or clear coat finishes. This type of paint damage may not be repairable in normal detailing or reconditioning service.

High Speed Polishing: High speed polishing is a trade technique that takes years to learn. In most cases high speed polishing removes several layers of paint and clear-coat and can be extremely damaging to the vehicle's painted surfaces. A vehicle's painted surface can only be high speed polished three times in the life of the vehicle, any further high speed polishing can damage the vehicle's painted surface. Marietta Ceramic Company Spa is not responsible for any prior high speed polishing.

Scratches and dings: Most cars have wash mark scratches, minor scratches and small dings either from the normal wear and tear of driving, directly from the dealership or from commercial car wash facilities. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for these types of minor imperfections. Until the automobile has been completely prep-washed, it is difficult to see every little blemish, scratch, wash mark scratch, small ding, or a small dent. Therefore, Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for any type of pre-existing damage caused by other sources and normal or abnormal wear and tear.

Pre-existing damage: Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for pre existing damage found during the normal course of detailing or reconditioning the interior or exterior of any and all vehicles. It is difficult to find pre existing damage during the initial inspection especially if the vehicle is dirty and cluttered with debris and personal items left in the vehicle. Older vehicles usually have many interior and exterior components that have become broken, worn out, faded, loose and cracked and Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for these types of pre-existing damages. If Marietta Ceramic Company should break, disconnect, or damage any components of your automobile, they will bring this to your attention before completing the final detail.

Wheel rims: Most wheel rims are under constant abuse from general road conditions, brake dust, and washing conditions. They commonly have multiple stains, dings, pits, and scratches caused by normal driving conditions, brake dust, or other commercial car wash facilities. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for the pre existing damage on the vehicle's wheel rims or wheel covers.

Engine detailing: Most engine components today are completely protected by manufacturer devices. Rarely does Marietta Ceramic Company ever see issues with engine malfunction after the engine detail. If however, Marietta Ceramic Company has promoted and sold an engine detail, Marietta Ceramic Company is fully insured and will cover all expenses to repair any damage caused only by Marietta Ceramic Company. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for pre-existing engine damage or engine malfunction.

Vehicle inspections: It is the owner's responsibility to be available for the initial and final vehicle inspections. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for commencing any scheduled work without the signed written consent of the owner or owner's representative. Marietta Ceramic Company is not responsible for any dissatisfaction or damage to vehicle of any completed detail performed if the owner or owner's representative was not available for pre or final inspection and sign off.

Right of refusal: Marietta Ceramic Company reserves the right to refuse work for any reason.

Scheduling detail time: Marietta Ceramic Company will be as accurate as possible on the scheduling. Depending upon the actual condition and size of the vehicle being detailed this schedule can change. Each vehicle is owned and maintained differently and Marietta Ceramic Company may find it necessary to schedule more time in order to complete a satisfactory job.

Re-setting vehicle: Is the owner's responsibility to reset and check all electrical components, seat settings, buttons, knobs, and childproof settings after completion of detail.

Final payment due: Once Marietta Ceramic Company has completed the final detail job, payment is due. Unless prior arrangements have been made in writing it is the vehicle owners or owner's representative's responsibility to have payment ready.

Return checks policy: Marietta Ceramic Company reserves the right to charge an additional 25% of each check returned.

Key and key return policy: Marietta Ceramic Company will be sure to hand off the keys of the automobile to the owner or the owner's representative only and no one else. It is the owner or owner's represantative's responsibility to obtain the keys from Marietta Ceramic Company upon completion and final inspection and sign off of each vehicle detailed.